• Come Home To Fresh ’n Clean®

    Come Home To Fresh ’n Clean®

    Long-lasting scents and gentle, high-quality ingredients to promote optimal skin and coat health allows for more quality time with your pet. A gift worth giving, from us, to you.

  • Pet Professionals

    Pet Professionals

    Professional sized gallons for groomers and breeders in trusted, and loved formulas with scents that last up to two weeks.

  • Grooming


    High-quality ingredients and lasting freshness
    make Fresh ’n Clean® a favorite of both grooming
    professionals and pet parents.

  • Household


    Protect homes from unsightly pet stains and unpleasant
    odors with Fresh ’n Clean® stain and odor

  • Health


    Help care for common pet-related issues with easy-to-use, at home solutions from Lambert Kay® like Pet Pectillin®, Ear-Rite®, Evict® and EMT®.

  • Supplements


    Keep family pets feeling their best and looking huggable soft with oral supplement brands from Linatone®, Dyne®, Sure Grow 100™ and Prozyme®.

  • Behavior Modification

    Behavior Modification

    Pets don’t always know they are not welcome in all areas. For targeted relief in and round the home, try Boundary® repellent solutions. As a training aid, your cats and dogs learn their boundaries in no time.

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